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Where Dreams Become Reality

 Experience the ultimate ride with seats that move in sync with the sound of a movie, to the noise of a helicopeter flying over head in true cinema style.

We offer a full array of design and home theatre installation services. We are able to work within client budget parameters to deliver results which exceed expectations. We are passionate about every individual project and are experienced in a wide variety of styles from contemporary and modern designs to traditional designs


  Lighting & air conditioning design

  Specification of audio/ visual equipment

 Advanced, detailed layout of furniture, screens, audio/ visual equipment

  Advanced sound isolation solutions

Calibration of completed room









Complete Theatre Design.jpg




It is critical that all systems are designed to meet industry standards and that the room is tuned to deliver the best outcome. Be blown away by the finished product of your home cinema. Our team of professional engineers and interior designers can help create a personalised solution. Our documents streamline the process of building the ultimate home theatre.


Delivering industry sound pressure levels is one of the most basic functions that any home theatre should achieve. We select brands like ProAudio and Theory, then calculates speaker and amplifier requirements for every room to ensure your listening to movies at intended playback levels.


We have a selection of specialised projection screens including woven acoustically transparent, high gain and ambient light rejecting materials.

All our engineered cinema solutions utilise acoustically transparent screens, allowing us to place speakers and acoustic treatment into the correct positions in the room. Voices come from exactly where the person on the screen is talking and delivers the ultimate immersive experience.

In commercial cinemas when watching anamorphic widescreen, the curtains move sideways so that the image is larger and more immersive. This is a director’s artistic intent for a film and the way that any movie should be watched. On most domestic TV’s and projectors, the reverse is true, and we end up with black bars at the top and bottom of our screen, with a smaller image.  We provide the tools to watch movies as the director intended, with widescreen anamorphic screens and Lumagen video processing. 


Will your room be using for gaming? Audio delivered well via an engineered calibrated system literally puts the sound stage where it was intended, be it overhead or behind you. Make those games worthy of playing with a truly immersive experience.


Express Cinema design.jpg
Cinema Design.jpg

A cinema experience so immersive you won’t ever want to step into a theater again. With total control of the lights, temperature, speakers, and all entertainment gear, your home theater just became a box office hit.


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