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Home Automation Electrician

When building a new home, being sure that your electrician understands how your home automation system works is a very important factor. Our specialised team of electrical contractors are working with our home automation systems daily so they completely understand how each system should be wired and in the correct standards.

Because our team are installing automated electrical systems on a general basis, we can save you time and money with less hassle. From start to finish our team completely understands what every wire does, where it should connect and how it should be installed. Saving you money on less meetings and less time for the installation to be completed. When it comes to a smart home electrical solution, knowledge and experience is some of our teams greatest strengths.




Highly qualified and experienced our team of home automation electricians in Sydney are ready for whatever your dream home automation electrical needs might require. Not only being highly skilled but also reliable, honest and transparent when communicating with clients.

If you're looking for quality workmanship, complete functionality and durability, our team is the team for you. Providing cost effective smart home electrical solutions that satisfy every clients needs. 

Smart home electrical installation
smart home electrical checklist

Some of our general home automation electrical services include:

  • Strip out and re-wire new home completely for a home automation electrical systems

  • Retro-fit smart wired home automation electrical solution including automated switches and automated outlets

  • Electrical circuit power monitoring

  • Surge suppression devices

  • Installation of electrical distribution boards with safety circuit breakers

  • Installation of lighting points, downlights and fans


When you hire our team of home automation electricians in Sydney you will be comforted knowing you have the best in class service from a team that knows exactly what they are doing and are skilled and experienced enough to assist with all your smart home electrical installations and works. Our team is the most reputable electrical services in Sydney.  Following this are 5 great reasons why you should choose our team of home automation electricians in Sydney

1. Be Smart Be Safe – You should never risk in hiring unlicensed electrical workers to begin electrical work in your home or office.

There could be potential for damage to both people and property caused by a poor electrical installation.

2. Highly skilled training – Our team has completed all smart home electrical training in Sydney. All are government-approved tests to prove their understanding. What this means is that they are competent enough to handle all your smart home electrical tasks and know the correct ways to ensure that your building is safe and up to city codes.

3. Soundness – Our home automation licensed electricians are contractors that have a online listed address phone number and registered address meaning you can contact them or us regarding your electrical installation should you have any concerns. Apart from being completely licensed our team is a team that you can trust 

4. Top Service Top Quality – When the time comes for a smart home electrical project to start at your home or business and you choose to go with an uncertain unlicensed electrician, there is a high chance that will cost you money and time. The best way to begin would be to find a licensed smart home electrician in Sydney that will be compelled to ensure that your project is done in the way best way possible.

5. Trust – Most importantly you want to be able to trust that your smart home electrician does a great job and in the best interest of you and your new home. It is easy to trust a licensed electrician in Sydney because they are competent in their skills and have completed courses in highest standards in the country to handle all your electrical services from a complete smart home rewire to retrofit of your existing home to make it smart.

Knowlegde of all AS/NZ3000 safety codes that ensures that your electrical wiring is done to perfection in line with building and safety codes.




One Team, One Job, Completed to perfection

When you hire our team of home automation electricians be sure that your home is in the right hands, all questions answered truthfully and with confidence.

Don't risk using an untrained contractor in the field of smart home wiring and installations


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