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Every room, any song


A multi room high definition audio/video system will provide instant simple to use access to multiple HD boxes, Foxtel CCTV, DVD and Blu-Ray libraries, PC's and games consoles allowing you to watch any source in any room in full 1080P 4K high definition to ensure your TV screen display the best quality picture they capable of.​

Using a Matrix switch we deliver world-class distribution of your source materia (EG Foxtel, Apple TV)l to every room in your home. 4K Ultra HD products feature HDCP 2.2 compliancy, making them compatible with current and future 4K content and enabling homeowners to enjoy copy-protected 4K content on every TV throughout the house.


A Multi-Room Music System creates multi-room audio hi-fi in which different zones may play the same or different songs simultaneously throughout the house. 

Multi-room audio has several different sources of music that stream anything you could possibly dream of to all your zones simultaneously and flawlessly.

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The Ultimate Streamer


The Triad One is a single-zone, high-resolution streaming amplifier and the easy way to add music into any room of a Control4-enabled home without the need to pull wire back to a central location. The Triad One supports high-resolution audio playback, up  to 192 kHz / 24 bit, with a built-in amplifier boasting an impressive 105 dB signal-to-noise ratio and 100 watts per channel—enabling incredible sound in any room. Also included is a built-in 10-band parametric EQ delivering exceptional sound output and room optimization.

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