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Home Automation Ideas in 2019

Smart Home

2019 Is an exciting time in the smart home automation space. Smart home Sydney is committed to bringing you ways of bringing your home into the 21st Century. To inspire you, we have compiled 20 exciting new home automation ideas making waves in 2019.


Common touch screen interface technology is giving way to a more hands-free experience. Voice commands are taking over, with Amazon's Alexa, Google Home, and Apple's Siri leading the market in home automation.

The possibilities for voice-controlled AI are endless, and include:

  • Playing music, radio and podcasts

  • Requesting information, like weather and traffic

  • Managing schedules, planning meetings, and setting reminders

  • Controlling other smart devices in the home

The demand for smart home automation is creating interesting challenges for builders and architects. When it comes to planning and executing an effective home automation strategy, you need the touch of a full home automation specialist.

Home Technology Integrations expert team are always on the cutting edge of home automation trends, and know how to make your home more advanced, productive, and holistically integrated.


From early morning rises, to Friday night movies, you can switch up the entire mood of your home using advanced lighting systems.

Smart LED lighting systems are important for illumination, safety, and energy conservation.

Here are four examples of how dynamic lighting will help you change the way you see your home:

  1. Use a simple voice command to control all of the lights in your home.

  2. Blend the interior and exterior using entirely automated lighting configurations.

  3. Strike a balance between natural daylight and powered lighting with smart sensors.

  4. Back-lit televisions and artwork to improve the viewing experience.

  5. Designate sensor lighting systems to areas that require security and illumination after dark

Voice Controlled Music

Control4 with Alexa

For many homeowners, delivery high-quality audio to every room is an absolute must. With the veritable buffet of digital and analogue sources on offer, why shouldn't you be able to enjoy music wherever you want?

With these smart music ideas, you can unwind with your old favourites, or get the party started, all at the push of a button. Here are our top four ideas for smart music:

  1. Use voice commands to request high fidelity music, podcasts, and audio-books in every room.

  2. Compartmentalise the home and allow different rooms enjoy different music at the same time.

  3. Set the scene with music-matched mood lighting, heating, and cooling.

  4. Automate your routines by setting musical alarms and prompts throughout the day.

  5. Play your favourite radio station when you enter the bathroom every morning.

Home Theatre

Enjoying movies and TV at home is all about immersion. Your home theatre is where the real world melts away, and your home becomes whatever you want it to be.

You might have the biggest, most pixel-dense television on the market. However, it wouldn't mean much without a hands-off viewing experience.

Here are our top four ideas to fully engage with your home theatre using smart technology:

  1. Use voice-activated AI to request your favourite films, TV series, or channels.

  2. Create the perfect setting with presets for audio, video, lighting, heating, and cooling.

  3. Have the channel automatically change at a certain time to catch your favourite programme.

  4. When you hit play on a movie, have your system lock the doors, lower the blinds, and dim the lights.

  5. Change your theatre room into a gaming station, sports centre, or cinema with voice commands.

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